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Valle De Mai , Praslin , Seychelles - UNESCO World heritage site

A living remnant of the ancient palm forests on Praslin, the Valle De Mai is at the heart of Praslin and contains the Seychelles largest intact forest of the endemic Coco de Mer palm. Millions of years of isolation have enabled many unique species to develop in this forest and many are found nowhere else in the world. This seclusion has also led to unique relationships between certain animals and plants.

World Heritage
  • In 1983 , Valle de Mai became a UNESCO World Heritage site , recognizing the outstanding value of the forest and giving it global recognition
  • 1989 - Seychelles Island Foundation took over stewardship of Valle De Mai and is dedicated to ensure well management , conservation , research , education and tourism.
Species to look out for in Valle De Mai forest,
  • Coco do Mer palm - Male and Female seeds - the world's largest seed
  • Seychelles Blue Pigeon
  • Seychelles Bulbul
  • Latannyen Lat
  • Seychelles Black Parrot
  • Praslin Snail
  • Seychelles Tree Frog
  • Palmiste
  • Green Day Gecko
  • Seychelles Skink 

Coco De Mer 

Coco De Mer Trees

Coco De Mer Seeds

Coco De Mer Palms

UNESCO Valle de Mai Site Entrance

Giant Spider Web at forest